1. 11 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Various changes · 1d8f6109
      Aemony authored
      - Added tooltip about driver installation requiring admin rights
      - Fixed directory creation for whitelist/blacklist
      - Disabled scrollbar/scrolling for main window
  2. 09 Apr, 2021 9 commits
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      SKIF · 20ad8c90
      Aemony authored
      Bumped version number
      Bumped deployed build number
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      Added option to disable the status bar · 70c9b896
      Aemony authored
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      Per-file dependency checks for servlet files · 34b981ad
      Aemony authored
      - Global injection service, kernel driver installer, auto-start toggle.
        All of these now checks for the existence of each of their required
        servlet files and gets disabled if one or more files are missing.
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      Fix blacklist not working on some games · ecaa7ec3
      Aemony authored
      - Some Steam games lists the executables to launch using
        forward slashes (/) which is not proper on Windows.
        SKIF mistakenly put the deny files in the root of the game
        folder as a result -- rendering them meaningless.
        We now convert all discovered '/' into '\' when loading the
        appinfo data.
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      Minor bug fixes to games list · f7992287
      Aemony authored
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      SKIF · 3cc76b1d
      Aemony authored
      Bumped up the version
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      Moved window buttons to the titlebar · 68ecce08
      Aemony authored
      - Disabled ImGui's default window titlebar
      - Moved the bottom buttons to the top
      - Added a title in the middle in large mode
      - The statusbar now spans the full width on the bottom
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      DPI scaling is now enabled by default · fb6c7aeb
      Aemony authored
      - Inverted the UI scaling setting -- it's now enabled
        by default and disabling it turns of DPI scaling.
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      Game launch prompt · c2fab59f
      Aemony authored
      - SKIF now prompts about the global injector service when trying to
        launch a game without the service running.
      - Fixed exit prompt not being aligned in the center of the window by
        defining a set width for ImGui.
  3. 08 Apr, 2021 4 commits
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      Added support for sub-1000px resolutions · 961f0c7d
      Aemony authored
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      Minor scaling bug fix · 21a44ee7
      Aemony authored
      - Disabling the Scale UI option while on a >100% DPI scaled
        monitor would result in the wrong element sizes
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      SKIF · eda96856
      Aemony authored
      Bumped up the version
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      Uuuh... Many, many changes... · efa03ef7
      Aemony authored
      - Redesigned global injection controls to match rest of games
      - Added initial implementation of the taskbar overlay icon
      - Added Small Mode
      - Added a Minimize button to the statusbar
      - Set fixed window size
      - Extended Help tab with more information
      - Converted 'Add Common Patterns' menu to regular section
      - Cleaned up old code from never-implemented hotkey based injection
      - Many changes to scaling/element sizing to fit into the fixed
         window size and to scale properly across different DPI monitors
      - Restructured content areas to exist in child frames.
        This allows tabs to have an inner scrollbar.
      - Made the child frames of appinsert2 draggable -- allowing the window
        to be moved by holding and dragging them too.
      - Fixed 'Right click for more details' not spanning the whole width
  4. 06 Apr, 2021 1 commit
  5. 05 Apr, 2021 7 commits
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      Testing kernel driver (un)install section · f24cbb9c
      Aemony authored
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      SKIF · bdd7fc21
      Aemony authored
      Bumped up version to
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      Multiple changes across the board · cafea78a
      Aemony authored
      - Removed Global Injection tab
      - Moved GI controls into Options tab
      - Renamed Options tab to Settings
      - Rearranged online resources to promote wiki first
      - Changed boxart + changed Patreons list to allow more to
        be visible.
      - Lossless compressed PNG boxart
      - Disabled the creation of a Steam manifest for Special K.
        This solves Special K appearing incorrectly as "installed" in Steam.
      - Various changes to make the "Steam Management" tab
         appear and be usable even for non-Steam users.
      - Various changes to make Special K appear under the
        "Steam Management" tab even for non-owners.
      - Various changes to control what sort of options and details
        are listed under the "Special K" entry on the Steam tab.
        * Only Steam owners sees Steam related options.
        * Added online resources to right click menu
      - Moved all "Disable Special K" options into a submenu
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      Cleaner approach to the min-width column change · 2d28c16e
      Aemony authored
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      Move minor changes to column widths · 40ea531a
      Aemony authored
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      Various minor scaling changes · 4958e7ed
      Aemony authored
      - Should solve width being too high on mixed
        monitor DPI scaling (sk_global_ctl_x was only set
        by the global injection control, so SK had to be
        selected to reset the width of the window properly.
      - Solve Patreon icon 4px too low, which caused the
         status bar to be pushed down a bit.
      - Solve the column width changing between items
         with a SpecialK.ini config and those without.
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      Embeds SKIFs icon + boxart · eca90605
      Aemony authored
      - By embedding the icon and boxart we
        solve those resources being black for
        non-Steam owners.
      - Also include a minor height fix
        for the bottom status bar.
  6. 04 Apr, 2021 3 commits
  7. 03 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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      SKIF · 5cbe385a
      Aemony authored
      - Simplified injection section in Options tab
      - Rephrased most tooltips
      - Added context-aware bullet points at errors
      - Added "SteamApps" tooltip when the whitelist is empty
      - Added Ctrl+S hotkey for saving changed whitelist/blacklists
      - Increased status bar height when tooltips are disabled
      - Added a special tooltip case when disabled
      - Fixed issue with "right click for more details" text overriding
         keyboard search hint.
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      Merged "Handle asynchronous window destruction" · 4dce1c8e
      Aemony authored
      - Removed temporary ugly hack
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      Added ugly hack to solve 'Close Window' issue · a4e1244b
      Aemony authored
      Previous commit solved process remaining running
      in the background when exitting using Alt+F4...
      This weird hack fixes it when right clicking on the
      taskbar application icon (not the window itself) and
      clicking on the 'Close window' option...
      Ugly and weird workaround is ugly and weird?
      I hate it.
  8. 02 Apr, 2021 8 commits
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      WM_CLOSE fixes + minor other changes · 598bd115
      Aemony authored
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      Added UI hints to Help tab · 83858a60
      Aemony authored
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      SKIF · 1de5c3ed
      Aemony authored
      - Standardized the use of tooltips and status bar text
      - Standardized UI hints:
         ?  = Tooltip info is available
         ?! = Tooltip info + helpful link is available
         •  = Regular bullet
      - Tooltips info will now appear in the status bar when disabled
         Note that this will override existing link previews as a result
      - Added application type and install_dir to Steam app record
      - Changed launch options to say "Launch [Type]"
      - Browse Game Folder -> Browse Install Folder
      - Optimize for 0% GPU load when idle
      - Fixed constant cache invalidation causing excessive file reads
      - Disable quick start/stop label for local installs
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      Bug fixes · b1566c5b
      Aemony authored
      - Disable quick start/stop label for local installs
      - Fix exit prompt not working properly after recent changes
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      Browse Game Folder -> Browse Install Folder · 220104d6
      Aemony authored
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      Better Disable UI tooltips handling · d3f57d28
      Aemony authored
      - Tooltips will now appear in the status bar when
         the option is disabled.
         Note that this will override existing link previews
         as a result.
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      Fix for cache invalidation · 19a8d368
      Aemony authored
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      More Steam data changes · 0732a7fd
      Aemony authored
      - Added application type and install_dir to cache
      - Removed cache invalidation workaround
      - Changed launch options to say "Launch [Type]".
  9. 01 Apr, 2021 2 commits
  10. 31 Mar, 2021 2 commits
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      SKIF · 90884c54
      Aemony authored
      - fixed per-monitor DPI scaling
      - SKIF now makes use of ImGuiConfigFlags_DpiEnableScaleFonts
          instead of ImGuiConfigFlags_DpiEnableScaleViewports
      - fixed ImGui IsWindows8Point1OrGreater returing false
      - fixed ImGui IsWindows10OrGreater returning false
    • Aemony's avatar
      Fix Special K not appearing in the Steam list · 690d75c0
      Aemony authored
      - Indentation
      - New Help description of Special K
      - Fixed SK not appearing under Steam Management