+ Added "Drop Late Frames" (DXGI Flip Model) to allow rendering at rates > Refresh
    ( Without Triple-Buffering's normal Latency ); Default = ON
 + Added "Limiter Enforcement Policy" to allow users to pick between smooth / low latency
 + Removed references to "Adaptive Tearing," because the feature was removed a long time ago.

 + Added a new "Ultra Low Latency" mode to D3D11 SwapChain settings if you turn
     on Flip Model and engage Special K's Framerate limiter.

   >> This limiter mode has the potential to cause stuttering if your system is
        barely hitting its framerate target (which needs to be Refresh Rate)

 + Waitable SwapChains have no configurable duration anymore, they are ON or OFF.
 + Fixed issues that prevented using Flip Model in Cross Code and Disco Elysium